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Choose the right social media platforms for your business and get seen by your customers

What We Offer

⇓ Our Packages

We offer Bronze, Silver & Gold packages, each individual to the social media platform you choose. We offer social media services for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram. With a free consultation we will help you discover which platforms are right for your company and how we can help you reach the goals you set.

⇓ Set Up

We will set up social accounts or gain access to current ones to totally make over your online presence. A fresh look that is in line with your company branding and all the relevant information you need will be added to your profiles.

⇓ Managed Social Accounts

Managing social media accounts can be very time consumming, our value service can complete all the necessary admin and interaction that our clients simply don't have the time to do. We create content and posts, respond to customer queries and reviews, interact with consumers, reach out to thought leaders and influencial people, promote your company, network with your industry or local community and constantly monitor the progress of your social network.

⇓ Reporting

As with all our marketing services, all social media packages come with quarterly reporting to make sure you are on the right track and your content is being seen by people. We use analytics and statstics to show the success of your social media campaign and where we can improve as we go along.

Why Social Media?

⇓ Social Success

The whole of the internet is an industry of growth and change; no more is this so obvious as with social media which has been rapidly adopted across the globe. Today, more people are connected across the world than ever before and this is mainly due to the millions of social media accounts people have access to. You may think they are just to talk to friends and stayed connected with family but social media can be an integral part of any business. Social media is an important tool in Twenty-First Century marketing.

As with a website, customers and clients expect to be able to access a company for information and communication through a variety of social media outlets. By far the most popular are Facebook and Twitter but there a countless other social media sites which could be appropriate and essential for your business. We will look at your customer base, potential leads and prospective markets to see which platforms your business should be using to maximize your marketing and generate the awareness or sales your business needs.

Why Daffodil IT?

⇓ Save Time & Money

Even though social media accounts are mostly free to use, running them consistently and posting frequently requires time, and time costs money. Without employing someone dedicated to keeping your social media accounts up and running, your profiles can become stale which diminishes the trust and professionalism you project to the world. Having a social media account that is not up-to-date can be more damaging to your business than none at all, so it is important to keep on top of it.

Outsourcing your social media marketing will enable you to concentrate on your business while also marketing your business on the essential social media platforms of the web. Though it will cost to outsource this work it is much more affordable than employing a social media manager which on average will set you back £25,225 a year1.

⇓ Brand Awareness & Consistency

Having a social media assistant whose sole purpose is to market your business through social media, means they will remain focused on the task and will make sure your brand's image is consistent. Brand awareness is a vital part of marketing and having a good social media presence is an essential part of this.

It takes several points of contact for a consumer to recognise and then trust a business, so being ever present on social media will achieve this and keep you in mind when that customer needs your product and service. Having your social media managed allows for a constant presence to be achieved but it will also mean your brand's image and voice remains consistent throughout all channels.

⇓ Increase Web Traffic

Reputable companies that specialise in social media management have the expertise and knowledge needed to use marketing tools effectively. One of the most important goals a social media assistant can help you with, is getting more visitors to your website where they are one step closer to that all important purchase from your company.

A social media specialist will understand the techniques needed to get your site more visible on social media and get more people to click through to discover more about your company. You will save time and money again because the expertise is already there for you to harness rather than spending your own hours on researching and learning how to effectively utilise social media for your business.

The Next Step

For further information on any of our products and services, or to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our customer service team. You can either call on or if you prefer email fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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